I am in my third year as an entrepreneur and small business owner of Fresh to Def Collective. As a woman of color from a low-income background, I am passionate about economic self determination and opportunities for wealth building with integrity. Entrepreneurship is a powerful strategy for women of color to build a source of income on their terms. I offer holistic entrepreneurship coaching that focuses on transforming one's passion into a tangible basic business plan that one can pilot through a lean startup model.


  • Individual Coaching

  • Group Coaching

  • Individual Workshops

  • Workshop Series


Basic Entrepreneurship Training

10 two hour sessions

Unit 1 - Vision, Mission and Values

Unit 2 - Financial Empowerment (optional)

Unit 3 - Market Analysis

Unit 4 - Products and Services

Unit 5 - Operations

Unit 6 - Marketing Strategy

Unit 7 - Business Finance

Unit 8 - Technology (optional)

Unit 9 - Licensing (optional)

Unit 10 - Business Plan Development

Content adapted from Centro Community Partners